01 January 2008

Personal Business is Important

I had a friend in high school who had a problem with my choice of music. My music choices were never "black enough" for him. He called me a traitor for attending a John Denver or Hall & Oates concert. So we reached a point where I just didn't tell him what I was doing. So I guess it was some time during our senior year I was in a record store and a girl we both knew saw whatever record it was that I bought. That was a Saturday. By Monday or Tuesday here he comes telling me that he heard I bought a Country & Western record. I don't remember what record it was. It might have been Juice Newton's Angel of the Morning. It might have been Queen with Another One Bites The Dust. Whatever it was, it wasn't "country." I got a little bit irritated at him telling me what he heard in a tone of presumed authority like I answered to him. So I confronted the girl after our next class and told her that the record I bought was out of the "Pop" section, not "Country." She said "...it doesn't matter. It's the same difference..." So I'm thinking, I'm dealing with music bigots. I didn't let that change my music selections and I still like some of a lot of different stuff. I'm not going to force my tastes to conform.

So fast forward a year. I was at a concert at UT and ran into a friend from HS and her boyfriend. She was still in HS and a senior and I was a freshman at UT. So I asked her out to lunch. I went by that Monday and picked her up and we rode over to Dairy Queen. So we're sitting there eating and talking about school and stuff and in walks the girl I just mentioned and her mom. We said hi, I think, and that was about it. Then a few weeks later I called up the friend I mentioned earlier and his first comment was "I heard you got a white girlfriend." I explained who it was and all and that we WENT TO LUNCH. He then said that the girl who came in DQ with her mom told him. Okay so now I'm pissed. This is the second time she's gotten into my personal business when nobody was bothering her. I guess I eventually forgave her. Things have a habit of lessening in intensity with time. But I don't think I have exactly gotten over my distaste for nosey people.

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