01 January 2008

My new earbud headphones

Panasonic RP-HV21K

For a while now I had been using a pair of Sony clip style headphones...the kind with the little colored face plates. Well interchangeable face plates are out of style these days. So I was in the headphone section and I saw these Panasonic RP-HV21Portable EarDrops Earbud Headphones (Black) and noticed from the packaging that they had a better range for frequency response (10hz - 25,000hz) than other more expensive headphones of the same class, including the iPod earbuds. Check the numbers yourself if you don't believe me. I don't like the earbuds that have the little interchangeable rubber tips. They aren't comfortable and they work their way out of my ears eventually. Some brands have a tendency to fall out of my ears when I turn my head. These don't do that. And at $9.99, I think they offer superior quality at a good price.

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