04 November 2007

The Lilith Affair: Thoughts on changing the course of history

Okay in broad strokes, Adam issues a fool's directive telling Lilith that he's going to be on top. She says screw that and books.

So we're all on the "same page," Adam is an idiot.

If I had been there it would have been Ride'em Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl

What's the point of dictating shit when all it's going to do is end up with you having blue balls?

History (the myth) also tells us that she walked out on Adam and married Samayel, one of the Watchers, and had a bunch of Nephilim.

Well I think my way of handling things would have made it so that wouldn't have happened either. So less chaos in the world.

So my plan is to build a time machine to go back to whenever that was and test my theory. I'll be taking a messenger bag loaded with Dildoes, Vibrators, Astroglide, KY, Condoms, Edible Panties, Jenna Jameson and Katie Morgan DVDs and a year's subscription to Penthouse. These last items are for Adam so that if Lilith and I don't work out on the whole creation plan B thing, he can have some reference material to go over and figure out that THERE'S MORE TO SEX THAN THE FUCKING MISSIONARY POSITION!!!

Oh and BTW, Lilith isn't in the Bible so what I just said is not blasphemy.

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