19 November 2007

Dishonor out of Honor

I am talking here about categories of crime that have emerged in the past 40 years or so due to the exploitation of honorable acts. There are certain motions and actions that people used to go through as a matter of habit because they were told it was the right thing to do. I don't know if it's just the increase in population has given us more people thinking up ways to do evil, but now you have to think twice before doing the right thing because there is a higher chance you may be dealing with someone who has dishonest intentions.

Used to be: You're on the road at night and a car in the opposing lane has his high beams on. You flash yours to remind him to dim his when encountering on-coming traffic.
Now: They're liable to go down to the next crossover, catch up to you and harass you or shoot you.

Used to be: You're at a light. Someone comes up too fast for whatever reason and rear-ends you. You both get out of your vehicles, check the damage and exchange insurance information.
Now: You're liable to get car-jacked.

more as I can think of them.

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