07 October 2007

Last Gyro

For those of you unwashed of palate, this is a Gyro. When you go to a Mediterranean deli you'll see an upright rotisserie broiler with a spinning cone of meat and someone holds a half-moon shaped pan up to it and slices off some of what they're cooking and that gets put onto a pita, slathered with a cucumber/yogurt sauce called Tzadziki, then garnished with onions, tomatoes and a little parsley. Then it's put on a plate and you try to eat it and not drip any grease or sauce on your clothing.

We served several hundred of these this past Friday and Saturday nights at the Mediterranean Festival put on by my church, St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox church here in Austin. Unfortunately we ran out of tomatoes and didn't have any onions to go on them. Hopefully we'll have that corrected next year.

I didn't get to see much of what else was going on at the festival. We were just too busy, especially Saturday night. We had some rather colorful customers show up. One guy asked for an extra "tortilla." If he had asked for another "piece of bread" or "loaf" or "pita" which is what the bread is, I'd have been okay with that. Calling the pita a tortilla was just him being lazy. Then there was the guy who asked me if we were serving Steakums. Now we weren't able to do everything totally to tradition. The meat was prepared and sliced ahead of time. Now they were very very thin slices of gyro meat but they weren't Steakums. Then it was grilled, brought to our booth, and served hot.

All in all it was fun. The people were very patient, especially at the times when we were waiting for the grill to catch up. I did overhear a complaint about waiting 45 minutes for food but I didn't pay too much attention to that. This is not McDonald's. And how long did people wait outside those theaters for Star Wars I, II, and III? I think next year I'll just work one day and a half and hang out at the festival for the last half of Saturday night.

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