04 September 2007

The Black Hole: A Review

I have to say this is the first time in years that the Sci-Fi Channel has impressed me with one of their made-for-TV movies. The Black Hole (2006) stars Kristy Swanson (BtVS Movie; The Chase) and Judd Nelson (St. Elmo's Fire; New Jack City) and is a gripping and entertaining tale about a high energy physics experiment gone awry.

All of the stuff that makes their movies usually suck was absent. The science was pretty accurate. Embellished a bit, but then it's all theory right now. What they said actually made sense. They also kept the romance to a dull roar instead of the gratuitous romp in the sack that we see in other productions.

The ending was well done. They don't just lop off the story and run credits.

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