22 August 2007

Yo-Yo Dieting of the Russian Military

When the Cold War "ended" the situation in Russia was pretty bad. People tried to wax philosophically that it was the burden of capitalism that was too much for them or some such nonsense. Since that time we seem to have both dismantled some of our arsenal, knowing that without all the Iranian hoopla we could always make more. So things moved along through the years and now we are getting news reports of nuclear bombers being sent out within striking distance not of Beijing but of the United States. They're not flying within striking distance of the Phillipines or Rhodesia. The news report says America. And now there are reports of war games. Well I want to say that we shouldn't worry so much about that. If the military of a sovereign nation wants to run maneuvers, we have no authority to tell them they can't. Granted there's no "Soviet Union" but there would never have been without Russia. So given recent history, we do need to keep a sharp eye.

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