01 August 2007

Introducing Method to Madness

A new habit I am trying to get in is laying out my clothes for the next day before going to bed. I am not having trouble making a decision when getting ready to go to work as to what to wear. It is more of a problem of value. Deciding what to wear, attaching suspenders to pants and stringing my belt through the belt loops and all of that is not a good use of my time right as I need to be leaving. It's not something I need to have on my mind at that time. When I am getting ready to leave I need to be concentrating on routes and errands. What do I need to do on the way? What things are going to potentially pop up in the way? Is the weather going to have traffic backed up. Are there any parades or special events going on, since I work downtown? So if I take the five minutes to get everything together, I don't have that to do too. It is not something I have been in the habit of doing, so it is taking some getting used to.

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