06 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Doug!!!

Doug Mataconis, who blogs over at Below the Beltway has turned 39 today. He and I go all the way back to 1993 when he passed the bar. He was at the time on his way to the Lizard Lounge a couple doors down. insert slapstick drum and cymbal here Had it not been for the internet someone else would have had the privilege of standing with him when he married Kellie. And for me, having the dominoes fall some other way than they did is a bit scary. So it is with great pride and humility that I wish to thank Al Gore for this wonderful invention.

Turning 39 means next year he will be crossing the River Styx into his 40s, but more on that as we get closer to the date. Of course he may choose to opt out by telling everyone he's 39 for the next fifteen years.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, my friend!

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