10 August 2007

EEOC Put In Charge of Army Recruiting

This easing of requirements for enlistment could not have been devised by anyone but a government bureaucrat.

To get more people to enlist:

  1. The enlistment age has been raised from 35 to 42.

  2. Enlisting recruits who do not meet weeight standards can get in if they trim down their first year.

  3. Giving a $20,000 bonus for joining by Sept. 30 and going to boot camp within 1 month.

  4. Increasing the number of waivers given for failed drug tests.

This last one is more lenient than corporate America.

Hopefully our enemies will be laughing so hard at the time they won't see the incoming RPG.

My buddy Doug better go ahead to OCS. They generally don't send attorneys to the front lines.

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