14 July 2007

When dating becomes a distraction

I just went through and wiped out all but two of my contacts on eHarmony. I had indicated in my profile settings that I was willing to relocate to find a “mate.” Maybe I would be some day. But right now I have too much going on to consider anything in another state. There ought to be enough women here in Austin to provide a sufficient group to “date from.” I am not saying long distance relationships or relocation is a bad thing. I just have a lot of progress I need to make in several areas of my life and I don’t need to concern myself with planning weekend trips to see anyone right now.

My best friends in Virginia, Doug and Kellie met through eHarmony and were a long distance couple for a little while. Anyone who’s been around these two can tell that 1) they were meant for each other, and 2) the fact that they grew up half a country apart was simply a geographical clerical error on the part of the universe. They are the reason I am an eHarmony member right now.

I have noticed a number of glitches in eHarmony. I set a 60mile radius and have had that in place from day one. Yet because I initially said I was willing to relocate for the right person I keep getting people from all over the country. This morning before going to bed I changed the preference to Texas only and as soon as I got up this morning I had a new contact in Mississippi. Grrr. Maybe it is some sort of “learning” software. If that’s the case It needs to learn to do things my way…at least to a certain extent.

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