24 July 2007

The Ventriloquist

I was driving home this afternoon and missed my turn. Mind on several things...zoned out. Anyway I noticed a motorcycle about 20 feet ahead and in the far right lane. I was in the left lane. We kept the same speed for several miles and every so often the cycle kept backfiring. And each time this happened I could feel it in my truck. The vibration and sound level made me think for a while that it was coming from my truck, even though I heard the guy backfire before we pulled away from the light. So I am driving and my mind is on several annoying things that I have been dealing with and now I'm thinking, Crap, now I have to get that noise looked at. When I got ready to turn left, the bike started around the corner to the right and the sound of the backfiring changed enough to where I could tell it wasn't coming from my truck. So that is not something I need to be concerned about maintenance-wise.

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