26 July 2007

Odd Nausea

I was on the way to Wal-Mart for one of my 2am peregrinations (walking around the store and shopping). I had turned on CoastToCoastAm and tonight was the ouija board show. I listen to Coast on the way home every night. They were about 25min from pulling out the board and doing whatever when I started feeling nausea. Now occasionally I'll have nausea from eating something too fast or too much of a certain thing. It's seldom something I can predict and is actually kind of rare. The more George Noory talked about the board and using it the worse I felt. I started thinking about how I wasn't feeling like that until I turned on the radio. Then I thought Something's up. I need to shut off the radio. So I switched it off and over the next half hour I got better. It's been 2 hours since this happened and I feel fine. There's maybe a tiny twinge of a sensation from earlier but nothing like what I felt before I turned off the show. Now I don't know if it was God, the Holy Spirit, my Higher Self, Guardian Angel, or what, but I really think shutting down the radio was the right thing to do tonight. I can download the show and play it back later to "test" this, but I am not sure if I am going to do that.

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