29 July 2007

My encounter with the gay umbrella

So I leave the house to go walking. That usually means driving about 20 min. to Town Lake to walk around the trail. Now we appear to be an extension of the state of Florida weather-wise, these days, so a thunderstorm quickie may happen at any moment. I forgot my umbrella and didn't realize it until I was already on the south end of town. I decided I would just pop over to Target and pick up another one like the one I left at home and keep it in the truck. As I said before we have been getting a lot of rains over the past 2 months. So I make it to Target and go inside and all they have in the Totes golf-size foldable umbrella is this blue umbrella with rainbow banding. Okay I already have people wondering about my sexual proclivities since I go in the store with a bag slung over my shoulder. It is the bag I carry when I go walking and I have written an earlier post about the attitudes of the great unwashed. So anyway I'm looking at this umbrella and it's looking at me and I just couldn't do it. I decided to just deal with the weather come what may. Now I don't consider myself a homophobe or anything. At least I thought I had gotten all those type attitudes out of my thinking when I left the Republican party and separated myself from evangelical churchendom. I walked all over Target hoping to find another umbrella display thinking I don't care. I am not carrying a fucking rainbow striped umbrella around the lake with me. Well I made it through the walk with no umbrella and it didn't rain much at all. So it is my sincere hope that Kathy Griffin and the Gays can forgive a prodigal ex-republican for still having a couple of cobwebs in his head.

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