30 July 2007

Attack of the Mystery Mouse

What I guess I have not posted here is that for the last week I have been dealing with a squeak. A short-burst high pitched sound that could either be a mouse or some low-battery chirp in some electronic device I have yet to uncover. The problem is that it is infrequent and I cannot figure out which thing is making the noise. So I spent Saturday cleaning, since we were under rains again, and I have not heard any scratching and have not found any droppings and there is no pissy odor that would indicate a mouse. I figure even if it is eating paper it has to take a crap at some point. I have a glue trap in one spot. I may need to set some more. The one bit of "evidence" that made me think it was a rodent was the fact that I set a normal trap, but put too much bait on it and in less than five minutes it tripped but nothing was caught. I thought at that point that I was dealing with a mouse pup that had wandered in here from somewhere. So the hunt continues. Maybe it's a ghost rodent manifesting. Now to get a catnip seance going and a find a ghost kitty to chase it off. On another note there is a cute baby possum hanging around outside the house.

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