14 June 2007

When compassion becomes dangerous

When compassion becomes dangerous
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The person in the car at center stopped on an overpass...at rushour...got out of her car...trotted around the corner...gave some food to a seemingly homeless person...trotted back to her car...and left.

What's wrong with that, do you say?

Weeeeell the guy who she gave the food to has been panhandling there for 8 years. This is near my house. I am at that intersection all the time and I have seen that guy every day since at least 1999. But, stopping traffic to hand somebody food is the height of laziness and arrogance. She could have just driven around the block and came up next to him to hand him the food. I think the emergency med personnel, who also stopped to see W-T-F was wrong with this lady, and the police officer who is sitting a couple of cars behind the ambulance on the same bridge would have appreciated that.

I don't mind helping people out but some people seem to be overcome with feeling for total strangers to the point where it could cause an absolutely avoidable traffic accident.

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