30 March 2007

Escapade: The Illogic of the Piña Colada Song

This song is nearly 30 years old and since I have it on my iPod I listen to it a bit more than it normally shows up on the oldies station.

On the surface, and back in 1979, it sounded like a couple that had grown a little tired of their routine and had rediscovered one-another. But think about what's actually happening here. They're both feeling the pull away from each other but she's the first one who inquires outside the relationship for companionship. Then he's sitting up in bed following suit.

Maybe this was the best way to renew their feelings, but what if he hadn't been the one to answer her ad? What if some other guy had strolled into the picture? What if he had written his own ad that said roughly the same thing?

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