06 January 2007

A Memo to Evangelicals

I hope all the myths and prophecies you have built up around the "End Times," if they come to pass as written in Scripture, not in your books...that they don't come to pass for another three thousand years.

Jesus said specifically that it is not given for you to know the day or the hour of his second coming, and you have spent the better part of two centuries trying to figure out the day and the hour. You're more subtle now, due to several failed predictions, but if he says it is not given for you to know the day or hour and you spend your time with Israel under an electron microscope, what's the difference. You're playing the spirit of the law against the letter of the law. You're exploiting an apparent loophole in the text. It is as though in your hearts you are saying "...Well we can't know exactly, but he didn't say anything about us predicting when we're getting really really close..." So you publish book after book and produce TV show after TV show with fancy clockwork graphics and other tech-ey looking art and no one seems to be stopping to ask what is the effect on the people of keeping this fever pitch pot stirred up long term. I think you'll find you have more people than you would like to admit in therapy.

These are just some things I really think you need to ponder.

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