15 January 2007

GEICO.com: So easy a non-Xenophobe can do it

Am I the only person who thinks the geico dot com Cro-Magnon commercials are in bad taste? I really think they have a bit of a racist whiff about them. The first one was humorous, especially when the Cro-Magnons confronted the announcer. The problem is that when he was confronted he gave the same lame-assed excuses that I have heard racists give when confronted with the ugliness of their racism...that they don't mean anything by it...that they didn't mean that person in particular. The second one has the Cro-Magnon on a news show and ends with one of the anchors saying he got up on the wrong side of the rock. Bad taste, people. Then the third one the Cro-Magnon man is in a therapist's office. This stuff isn't funny, it's pathetic. Hopefully they'll drop this idiocy and go back to the gecko.

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