21 November 2006

Earth's Embassy on Mars

A student at the University of Arizona has come up with a clever idea: Using orbital mirrors to heat the surface temp. of Mars to something habitable for humans. This would ostensibly allow astronaut researchers to live and work without having to endure such heavy insulation as would be required otherwise.

The problem is that once you do that, you are not on Mars anymore. You basically turn a portion of Mars into an Earth Prime. You are introducing the beginnings of an Earthlike ecology to an area of Mars. The project would change the ecology into something unnatural for the planet. All research data from that region would have to be viewed differently. Anything we plant would certainly not grow on the Martian surface as it is today.

An Earth habitat would be useful to allow multiple expeditions a livable place without constantly having to build shelters every time.

So in 2008 we can start siphoning money out of the Iraq budget to pay for it.

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