19 November 2006

12:15am Ghost Sighting

Dad and I went about five miles down the road to a spot away from the lights to see if we could spot any meteors. This is a place in north Austin on E. FM 734 (Parmer Ln) about a quarter mile east of the Samsung plant. It is a place where the City made an opening for a road to be cut in the future and haven't done anything with it yet.

I set up my camera to try and capture some images of the sky, particularly Orion's belt, which is one of my favorite constellations. I took several shots and after seeing one meteor and a possible moving star (Binary System) we decided to leave. I took down my camera tripod and loaded it under the back seat and got in the truck. As I started to put the truck in reverse to back up a couple of feet before pulling out on the road. I was looking in my rear-view mirror as I did that and when the backup lights came on, I saw an African-American couple standing outside a sports car parked behind my truck. The man was looking right at me in my driver-side mirror. Seeing them, I shifted to Drive and pulled out onto the road.

Now this would appear normal, except:

  1. I was outside my truck the whole time we were watching the stars no other vehicles pulled off the road and/or came up behind us.

  2. Neither Dad nor I were preoccupied with music or anything, and especially not to the point of not being able to notice a car pull up, even if it had its lights and engine off and was coasting to a stop. In such a case the driver would not have had control over more than the brakes and even that not very well.

  3. The couple was standing in front of their car and the doors were shut. Not only did we not hear them drive up, we didn't hear the car doors shut when they got out.

I drove down the road to the next left turn exit and turned around. I told Dad what I had seen and he said he didn't hear or notice anyone pulling up either. I tried to look to my left to see if I could see the couple and the car. Traffic was up to about 50mph. I saw a grayish-white blur and what looked like a gray Firebird or Camaro.

My opinion, based on what I saw, is that these were ghosts. My speculation is that they perhaps died on that road and come to that spot.

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