28 October 2006

I guess G-d has not had enough yet

With whole church congregations awaiting the rapture and a series of books and several movies out on the subject, given the stuff that's happening today you might wonder why there hasn't been divine intervention yet. We all seem to keep plodding along through the years towards whatever it is we're calling the future, and while technology is improving, human behavior is getting worse. A Louisiana man killed, dismembered, and then slow-roasting his wife before taking a final swan-dive to oblivion. Then in Austin, Texas a couple gets arrested for severely abusing their children (malnourishment, healed broken bones, bite marks on skin) and the brood mare, or "mother" in this arrangement is pregnant again. I could dig up more, but I think you get the picture.

I guess the worse behaving group was located in Sodom and Gomorrah and everyone pretty well knows how things ended for those cities. When I think about them and then about people today, I guess the problem was that in those cities, as they are described in Genesis, everyone was engaging in more and more heinous acts. Fortunately for us, atrocities like I named above are still the exception, even if to a lesser and lesser degree.

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