11 October 2006

Dealing with a Telemarketer

My business line used to belong to a guy who ran up a bunch of credit crap all over town and I keep getting collection calls for him. So last night the phone rings and it is a 310 area code (Northern LA County, California around Van Nuys/Reseda/Chatsworth maybe)

Me: Hello

TM: Hi is Kyle there?

Me: He no longer has this phone number.

TM: That's cool. This is Venture Video is there anyone there over the age of 18.

Me: Naw Dude, there's nobody here over 18?

Not only is this idiot in arrears with bills, he's got porno telemarketers calling him about placing orders.

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meandering said...

LOL...310 is West La, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and parts of the south bay. The Valley and locations you cited are still 818. Though the Valley is the porn headquarters for the world. It one of California's largest industry's and exports...totally something like 8 BILLION a year.
Your pal...the former 818'er now a 626'er